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Great shoes, very comfortable to wear, fine workmanship, standard size, very suitable to wear, especially comfortable to wear. The price is really worth it. The shoes are very light, elastic and good to buy for mom to dance in the square. This brand, which has been bought in recent years, is more comfortable to wear than the old shoes. It's not loose or tight. The old people take a larger size and more comfortable. Material: Thank you, boss. The quality is very good. It's a certificate. I love to walk more, Our shoes are walking more. This brand is very popular! The delivery is relatively fast, the style is relatively new, the shoe size is a little large, the packaging is too simple, the whole is OK. High cost performance, fast delivery, relatively new style, slightly larger shoe size, too simple packaging, very good overall. High quality and low price, good, comfortable degree: very comfortable. I like to wear and walk too much. I have bought many pairs for my family and myself. Almost four pairs of people walk more, and my neighbors also buy them. I can be regarded as a big family to walk more. Because it is easy to wear, I will continue to buy more sports shoes. I like to walk too much. I hope to walk more and do more activities. My mother-in-law's neighbors have to buy more. High praise

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